From The Archives: The year is 1995. The state of Mississippi finally gets around to abolishing slavery; Selena is murdered by the president of her own fan club; and Nickelodeon begins its first fiscal year since 1991 without a new episode of Clarissa Explains It All.

Enter: Clarissa Now — a spinoff series co-starring Tony Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Marian Seldes (among others) which was to chronicle the Big City misadventures of 18-year-old newspaper intern Clarissa Darling.

CBS ultimately passed and Melissa Joan Hart moved on, but the show’s pilot remains, for better or worse, as an unwitting epilogue to a cherished modern classic.

See Also: Part 2.

[thanks anon!]

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    I couldn’t help but think “Man the subways are still like that, 16 years later.” Also: “This is bizarre.”
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    WHY? couldn’t this be a series *cries*
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    this would have been beautiful
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    I would own the boxset.
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    i…. that?
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    I used to pretend to be Clarissa a lot when I was little, and am beyond excited that her epilogue involves moving to New...
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